Siddhartha Banerjee

Ph.D., Applied ML Scientist

NLP and Machine Learning


Hello everyone. Welcome to my little webspace. Currently, I am based in warm and awesome Singapore. In mid 2019, I made a move (along with my wife) to Singapore from USA. I spent around 7 enjoyable years in USA before the move (first, in Pennsylvania followed by Silicon Valley, California). I work on Machine Learning. Someday, I hope to make computers understand all languages of the world. Other than work, I love to travel, sketch, hike and explore new dishes.


  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Travel
  • Running
  • Sketching
  • Food


  • Ph.D. in Information Sciences (NLP)

    The Pennsylvania State University

  • B.Tech in Industrial Engineering

    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur



Senior Data Science Manager/Principal Data Scientist


Jun 2020 – Present Singapore
Buyer Experience | Seller Experience | Trust and Safety

Senior Data Scientist


Aug 2019 – May 2020 Singapore
Machine Learning for NLP: Text Correction, Named Entity Recognition and other sequence modeling problems.

Research Scientist

Yahoo Research

Feb 2016 – Jul 2019 Sunnyvale, California
Worked on multiple NLP projects such as Document Classification, Clickbait detection, Entity Disambiguation.

Graduate Student Researcher

The Pennsylvania State University

Aug 2012 – Dec 2016 State College, Pennsylvania
Thesis on Abstractive Summarization for News, Conversations and Social Media.

Senior Consultant

Oracle Retail Consulting

Jan 2011 – Jul 2012 Bangalore, India
Markdown Optimization for retail giants worldwide.

Operations Research Analyst

Sabre Airline Solutions

Jun 2009 – Jan 2011 Bangalore, India
Revenue management and Airline scheduling solutions for multiple airlines using Operations Research models.

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